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We forget that health is our real wealth. We are always too busy with our planning and daily routine. It is never a good time to take care of ourselves. What if you could be healthy AND productive?

Simple lifestyle changes can add years of vitality to your life, and with Ikaria, it’s easier than ever. Prioritize your well-being, prevent chronic diseases, and enjoy more quality time with loved ones.


Break free from reactive healthcare with our proactive wellness community. We’re here to guide you towards a healthier, more vibrant future with the support of expert doctors, wellness coaches, and cutting-edge AI.


Step 1 : Get An Introduction Call With The Ikaria Team

The team will guide you about our product, free to ask any questions. 

Step 2 : 1-1 Session With Our Doctor

Book an appointment with our longevity Doctor, you will discuss general topics to get to know you better in terms of health and habits. Once the consultation done, you will get recommandation from Denys and medical prescriptions for overall checkup. You will then be ready to start your routine

Step 3 : Start Your Healthy Routine

Once the full body check-up is done, start working with dedicated coaches and doctors. Based on the plan you will have agreed with your doctor and coaches, we will make sure to measure improvement over time and conduct quarterly check-ups.

Step 4 : Join The Ikaria Community

You are not alone in this journey. Connect with fellow Ikarians, discuss topics such as health routines, food, supplements, and get access to the latest news in terms of biohacking. Challenge yourself through fun, regular community activities.

Our Expert

Denys Coester, MD & Coach, is a well-known expert in French biohacking and longevity, mixing biology with technology throughout his 25-year career to boost human health and performance. He has worked as a physician specialist in hospitals and led a university clinic, holding degrees in anti-aging and preventive medicine from top French universities.


As a scientific advisor for Ikaria and a key speaker, he leads talks on living longer and healthier. Coester is the main Sponsor for the Hypersanté Summit 2024 and wrote “Le Manuel de démarrage du biohacker” the first French book on biohacking. He also makes videos and training materials on staying healthy, making him an important influencer in health improvement.


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I Have Questions !

How secure is my personal and payment information on your platform?

We prioritize your security. All data, including personal and payment information, is encrypted and securely stored, adhering to the highest standards of data protection.

Are the consultations with experts private and confidential?

Absolutely. The confidentiality of your sessions and any information shared is paramount. We ensure that all communications and advice remain strictly between you and your expert.