My Story

Let me tell you my story on how I came to discover Preventative Medicine and how this has profoundly changed my life. As a highly

How to best take care of your Longevity

At Ikare, we often hear people say they don’t need help with their Health, they have it covered. There are a couple of versions to

Why the best time to start your Longevity Journey is NOW

Preventative Medicine or 6P Medicine is a new fascinating field which allows humans to live significantly longer in good health. Instead of patients waiting to

man and woman doing laboratory works

Comprendre les tests sanguins en 🇫🇷

Comprendre le processus Durant le premier mois de notre programme, nos patients rencontreront l’un de nos mĂ©decins spĂ©cialisĂ©s en longĂ©vitĂ© afin de comprendre sa motivation

Biohacking and Longevity: Embracing the Right Mindset for a Flourishing Life

  Introduction to Longevity and Proactive Health The journey towards extended longevity and improved quality of life begins with a proactive approach to health. Unlike

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